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Plesiosaur, Zhejiang Museum of Natural History
Archival pigment printing 1.25m x1m, 2021


Factory, Hangzhou
Archival pigment printing 1.25m x1m, 2021


Wang/往 exhibition, Apiary studio, London, 2022


There is a connection between dinosaurs hundreds of million years ago and the landscapes of modern industrial production. No one knows the true texture of dinosaur eyes and skin, just like no one feels the simulacrum of modern industrial landscapes.

It is precisely the media that has accelerated the decline from the modern production field to the postmodern simulacra society.  Contemporary society, on the other hand, is a simulated society created by the mass media, where the real and original things have been replaced by the large-scale typification of simulacra and simulation, making the world more simulacra.

Landscape society has imperceptibly controlled us.  I began to record local factory reform and webcast environments.  I explore advances in technology and automation, as well as the struggle between human and nonhuman agency.

To think critically about the semiotic meaning of the image itself and its instrumentalization and politicization in today's society.  Critically think about real things that bring true emotions to humans in the context of technological development.

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